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Emergency Trial Counsel

Sometimes in Civil Litigation, the lawyer handling your business matters is looking for an experienced Trial Lawyer to step in and handle the actual trial itself. That situation calls for an attorney who is willing and able to take a matter to trial on shortened notice – when a settlement fails or simply when placing a case before a jury is not done on a regular basis.
When this happens, you need an attorney skilled in trial and witness preparation, voir dire, jury selection and especially the art of cross examination. You need a trial lawyer who is well respected by judges and well liked by jurors. adsense banned . You need someone who can cause a jury to award punitive damages if the case calls for that.
William E. Baker, Jr. is available to step in as emergency trial counsel in otherwise well prepared cases and as his calendar permits.


  • $9.5 Million including $4.9 million punitive damages (Insurance Bad Faith)
  • $295,000 plus $68,750 punitive damages (Legal Malpractice)
  • $6.4 Million including $450,000.00 punitive damages (Business torts – breach of partnership)
  • $1,505,000 including $1,400,000. punitive damages (wrongfully withheld 1963 Corvette by Trustees)
*Other Punitive Damage Awards Not Listed
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